Hydraulic Power Packs, Mini-Power Packs

Are the main applications for our gear pumps and gear motors, being the most important areas of the market for our company.

Agricultural Machines

The field of agriculture is constantly evolving and requires parts for the agricultural machinery in permanent evolution. Flexibility and good price/performances ratio recommend our products also for these applications.

Equipment and Heavy Duty Machines for constructions

Gear Pumps for this market segment are built in a large variety of shafts, flanges and inlet / outlet ports, these pumps being recommended also for heavy duty conditions.

Material Handling and Lifting Equipment

This is a very wide area with many applications, but also with a permanent increase of the requirements in regard to the efficiency and decrease noise.

Industrial Applications

The applications in hydraulic industrial installations are requiring high performance components, low noise levels and high reliability, requirements that our products meet their.

Industries producing electricity, new energy sources

There are applications where reliability and compatibility with environmental specifications are very important features.

Our products can be found in equipment in Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant in producing wind energy systems in hydraulic systems of power plants and hydropower plants in Romania.

Maritime and Shipbuilding Industries

Hydraulic equipment for shipyards. Automated systems for applications in hydraulic opening bulkhead, in propellers in other hydraulic systems.